Our Services

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.


We provide consulting services for project initiation, process blue printing, realization, go live and post go live support.All of our consultants are well trained in industry standard methodologies like ASAP, SEI - CMM.Provide consulting services in functional and technical areas across all technologies including SAP, Oracle Applications, Siebel and People soft.

Business Process Re-enginering

Make the customer the starting point for change -- by identifying customer wants and creating the infrastructure to support these expectations. Design work processes in light of organizational goals. Restructure to support front-line performance.

Compliance Audit

We provide industry standard compliances like Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, GMP (Good Manufacturing practice) and FDA regulations and Audit. The need to reduce risk and the responsibility to protect an organization and its IT assets make information security a top priority for enterprises around the world. Regulatory mandates have further increased the demands on IT security. Being armed with knowledge on your compliance status is critical to satisfying auditors, regulations and executive management.

Process Maturity

Software process maturity is the extent to which a specific process is explicitly defined, managed, measured, controlled, and effective.We provide process capability, process maturity studies and development frameworks in accordance with SEI - CMM models. Provide services in designing and roll out of Capability Maturity Models and Change management audit.

Disaster Recovery

we provide services for enterprises in disaster recovery and back up of essential services in case of unforeseen times. We provide emergency essential processes set up and temporary lease of hard ware and software resources.

Out sourcing

we provide out sourcing of non critical business processes and data processing to both on-shore and off-shore facilities. Out sourcing of 24X 7 help desk support and technical programming help.

Recent Work

Some of our work we have done earlier